The Ultimate Party Cake + Magic Frosting

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There are desserts that are made to showcase certain flavors or techniques, and then there are desserts that are just here to party. This cake is the latter, and boy does it know how to party. It's got layers of funfetti cake, layers of edible cookie dough, yellow cake buttercream, and a rapsberry ganache drip. It looks like animal crackers had a baby with a layer cake, and tastes like your childhood.

I love this cake for a lot of reasons, but the primary one is the buttercream. The yellow cake buttercream is made with the ermine buttercream method, which is my go-to buttercream method. If you find Swiss meringue buttercream too buttery but American buttercream too sweet, I'm thrilled to introduce you to ermine. Ermine is an old-school technique, where you make a sweetened milk and flour custard. The custard is then cooled and whipped with butter, making a frosting that tastes like whipped cream! I switched it up here by replacing the flour with yellow cake mix, creating a buttercream that tastes just like the best parts of a boxed yellow cake.


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