Customizable One Bowl Cookies

When I develop recipes, I either go for a long, drawn out recipe with many components to be made over a period of days, or recipes that can be made NOW, with one bowl and no resting time. This recipe for customizable one bowl cookies is the latter! In addition to being incredibly quick to whip up (less than 5 minutes), these cookies are also endlessly adaptable. Y'all know I hate to limit us to specific ingredients or flavor profiles, so I've tested lots of different options for this cookie. Keep them simple, or add chocolate, fruit, or random pantry odds & ends.

Because of all of the work that went into this recipe and its many variations, I'd ask that you pay a small fee to access it. Purchase Content to get the goods!

customizable one bowl cookies.   customizable one bowl cookies, funfetti

10 thoughts on “Customizable One Bowl Cookies”

  • This recipe set is *chef’s kiss*. Knocked out two batches in 30 minutes. Perfect crisp on the outside chewy on the inside cookies of all kinds! If you juuuust so happen to have browned butter and toffee chips sitting around, add ‘em to the choco chip recipe. Whoa.

    • This makes me so so happy!! I’m so glad you’re having delicious success with this recipe. I think I can speak for all of us when I say I’m very jealous of your brown butter & toffee chip situation.

    • A small batch recipe that is ridiculously customizable– not just in mix-ins but by giving you cookie science knowledge that let’s you do any and everything you want. There are so many good things about this, for all kinds of bakers: quick weeknight cookie snack for bakers and non-bakers, a way to explore new flavor combos for those of us that like exploring creativity…a literal choose your own baking adventure with a quick payoff. SO good– who knew there were still new cookie recipes to write?! 💖

      • Excited to try this recipe! Just to clarify, there is no baking powder in the recipe? You mentioned playing around with the amount of baking powder in the article section, but I see baking soda as the only chemical leavener in the recipe ingredients. Just want to make sure I’m not missing anything!

  • My new favorite recipe! I’ve made four variations (five, if you count the two different doughs I swirled together) in the past 24 hours and thrown everything from liquid sugars to dry and wet add-ins to whole wheat flour at this recipe and nothing has phased it (or me) – probably because of the extensive recipe development explanation!!
    Variations I’ve made have been:
    -S’mores (whole wheat flour, honey, cinnamon, marshmallows, chocolate chips)
    -Double chocolate chip swirled with mint chocolate chip
    -Oatmeal, pecan, coconut
    -Frosted lemon

  • These were perfection—as effortless as promised and so satisfying! I did chocolate chip, but look forward to more variations very soon!

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