London Fog Layer Cake

It's London fog time, friends! Are you familiar with a London fog? If not, I'm thrilled to introduce you to it via this London fog layer cake. London fog is the loveliest tea latte around. I'm not a coffee drinker - I tried to become one in college a few times, but ended up feeling jittery and horrible and gave up quickly - but I LOVE visiting coffee shops, so I'm always on the lookout for a fun tea option. At its most basic, a London fog is a latte made with earl grey tea, milk, and vanilla. When it's dressed up, it might include lavender! For this London fog layer cake, I of course included lavender. In addition to gorgeously-soft cake layers flavored with earl grey and lavender, this cake is filled with sunny mixed-citrus curd and frosted with a silky salted vanilla-bergamot buttercream. It's magical! This magical cake recipe must be purchased in order to gain access. You can Purchase Content!

a slice of london fog layer cake

14 thoughts on “London Fog Layer Cake”

  • The citrus curd in this recipe caught my eye! I had my heart on a mimosa cake for my sister’s bridal shower so I paired this citrus curd with a champagne cake and mimosa buttercream. The citrus curd was quite easy and really rounded out the cake. I am excited to try out this cake recipe as soon as I can order some bergamot flavor 🙂

    • So glad you loved the citrus curd! I’m hooked on making it with multiple citruses to give it more complexity than with lemon alone. Thanks for trying it!

  • Baking is my love language so I shared this masterpiece at work.
    3 of my coworkers had second slices, one took a piece home for her husband, and one wants a bucket of curd (I used lemon, lime, and orange).
    This recipe is in my top 3 of all time and will be made again and again.

    • This makes me SO HAPPY to hear! I’m so so glad that it was enjoyed by all 🙂 Isn’t citrus curd with a mix of fruits so much nicer than plain lemon??

  • 5 stars
    This cake is so good! It’s a citrus dream cake. I served this for my birthday, and my sister described it as a grown up Unicorn cake. I love this cake!

  • 5 stars
    Definitely in my top list of cakes I’ve made! Everyone who tried it loved it, and it was a fun project. The flavors work beautifully together and each component is super tasty. Did a lemon-orange curd and found that bergamot essential oil (a drop or two) worked well in the buttercream if you can’t find extract.

    • I’m so glad that this was a success for you! Great idea on the bergamot essential oil, although I would caution to check out the label and make sure it’s safe for human consumption. Essential oils used for fragrance are often made according to a more lax set of safety standards than food-grade oils (although it’s very unlikely that 1-2 drops in a big batch of buttercream would hurt anybody!).

  • I made this cake and loved it in concept but need to add less bergamot oil to the icing next time. I purchased the bergamot oil that you recommended, but found that 1/2 tsp was too strong for my tastes. Next time I think I’ll add a drop at a time and taste as I go as to not go overboard. I think the salted aspect of this is hugely flavor enhancing like you said! The citrus curd and cake turned out great though.
    Eager to try again!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Amanda! I’m glad the cake was an overall success for you, and a great note to reduce the bergamot flavor to your tastes.

  • 5 stars
    I tripled the cake and frosting recipes (and doubled the curd) for a 9” triple layer cake + small smash cake. The cake is perfect— just the right amount of Earl grey and lavender flavor and a moist and surprisingly light crumb. Typically I find layer cakes dry and disappointing— this cake was everything I want in a layer cake! For the curd, the process was smooth although next time I would take the tip of another baker and add the zest or half the zest only at the end— my curd came out a bit bitter which I’m told can happen when zest gets cooked. For the buttercream I ordered the recommended bergamot extract and used it lightly— I had done a crumb coat on both cakes while waiting for it to arrive, so I estimated how much frosting I had left when I whipped it in and would guess I used more like 1/4 tsp extract per recipe? That amount felt just right to me and I will go back to this buttercream recipe again and again. Thank you for a wonderful recipe!

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