Jam Curd, Many Ways (Plus a tart)

Hello friends! I'm so excited to tell you about jam curd and it's delicious, beautiful versatility. However, before we talk about jam curd we need to talk about normal curd - one of my very favorite pastry components! It's sweet, tart, and buttery, and thick enough for the perfect mouthful. Curd is delicious spread between cake layers, filling a tart, or dolloped on top of meringue. You can also ripple curd through cake batter before baking, drape it over scones, and spread it on toast!

Curd is typically flavored with lemon or lime, and both are delicious and wonderful. However, sometimes you want a curd that isn't predominantly lemon- or lime-flavored, like a blueberry curd! Due to considerations like pH and moisture content, you unfortunately can't just swap the lemon juice for blueberry juice and call it a day. But you're in luck, because I developed a way to make any-flavored fruit curd with a super simple tweak. The answer is JAM CURD.

jam curds in a row

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