What’s the deal with your Premium recipes?

You’ve probably noticed that some recipes on this site are behind a paywall! I’ve kept most of them free to access, but the recipes that took me an especially long time to develop require a small fee to access them. This allows me to keep the site ad-free while still gaining some revenue. To purchase a Premium recipe, click on the Purchase Access link. Then follow the prompts to create an account and enter your payment information.

Once a recipe is purchased, you’ll always have access to it.

How do I access Premium recipes I’ve purchased?

To get back to recipes you’ve purchased, hit the My Account tab. Log in, and you’ll be taken to your account page. That page will list all of the Premium recipes you’ve purchased! Click on the link you’re looking for, and it will take you back to the unlocked recipe.

Why don’t your recipes offer cup measurements?

The most accurate way to bake is by weight! Cup measurements are incredibly variable depending on your method (scoop, scoop and sweep, etc), which can cause huge differences in the final recipe. By using a scale, you’ll get the same results every time.

Not only is baking by weight more accurate, but scales are affordable (this one is my go-to) AND cut down on the number of dishes you have to wash. No more washing individual cup measures!

What photo gear do you use?

My photography gear is pretty basic! I shoot with a Canon Rebel XS (it’s no longer in production – I purchased mine secondhand on Craigslist), the nifty fifty 50mm lens, and a Koah tripod. While the tripod isn’t as high end as some other brands, I do like that it has an extendable arm to get higher overhead shots.

I get backdrops from all over the place, but these are some of my favorite brands: